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Stanchions for Crowd Control Come in Retractable, Post & Rope & Cafe Barrier Styles

April 10, 2014

So now that your business is booming and the crowds are lining up, you're going to want to ensure the safety of your patrons! Forming orderly lines and queues can be difficult without the proper crowd control tools. Although stanchions are frequently associated with red carpet events and artist premiers, they also provide more down-to-earth businesses with everyday functionality as well as style. Whether you operate a small restaurant or a sprawling cineplex, a bank or a gallery, post and rope systems will definitely help your customers find their way. There are many types of traditional post-barrier systems available, including retractable belt systems and velvet ropes with hooks. Or you can choose plain or custom-printed cafe barriers that combine branded marketing with crowd control. has been in the industry for years, which is why we sell only the highest quality and most professional models. Our visual gallery offers a full assortment of colors for not only the belts and ropes but also the connecting hardware. Brass and chrome accents are some of the most common selections, which can really help dress up an establishment.

what is a stanchion What is a "Stanchion?"
Stanchions, in addition to being the literal base of our business in general and industry as a whole, are apparently one of the more difficult crowd control accessories to spell. A quick survey of the web reveals that there are apparently a number of different types of crowd control stanchions... The funny part, oddly enough, is that there actually is no accepted alternative spelling to "stanchion," at least that we could find! While this list may be a light-hearted look at how hard it can be to get the spelling right, there is a serious side. There are many, many options for crowd barrier systems — and our site is a great place to find them!

In addition to our huge selection of stock models, our live inventory catalog is home to customizable cafe barriers, portable poles with built-in wheels, and accessories for deploying the poles. Deciding on the right supplies takes time and should not be taken lightly. For your own business, consider information such as volume, frequency of use, and aesthetics. Airports and transportation terminals usually see a great deal more traffic than that of local banks, so it is important to understand your business' specific needs. While some customers are in search of bulk quantities designed to outfit festivals, others are in the market for a simple line formation tool. The average buyer may be more suited for something like our QuePole deluxe system, which features a simplistic round base and an elegant black finish. No matter which style you ultimately settle on, you can be sure that you are getting great value and fast shipping.

#1 Best-Seller - Black Economy Post w/ Black Retractable Belt
Black Octagonal Post w/ Black Belt - Deluxe Line
Polished Stainless Steel w/ Blue Belt
Black Deluxe Post w/ Chrome Tulip Top - Belt Not Included
Economy Line - Brusehd Stainless Steel Post w/ Black Retractable Belt
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