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Stanchions for Crowd Control - Post & Rope, Retractable Belt & Café Barrier Systems

August 26, 2014

what is a stanchion What exactly are "Stanchions"? They are, simply, the posts or supports for barrier-based crowd control systems. Forming crowds of customers into orderly lines and queues and blocking access to restricted areas can be difficult without the proper crowd control tools. Although tape or belt stanchions are frequently associated with red carpet events and artistic premiers, they also provide businesses across all industries with everyday functionality as well as style. Whether you operate a small restaurant or a sprawling theater multiplex, a bank, club or gallery, post and rope systems will help customers find their way. Traditional stanchion-based post-and-barrier systems, also called crowd control barriers, are available in many styles, including retractable belt systems and velvet ropes with clip-on hooks. Other choices include plain or custom-printed café barriers that combine branded marketing with crowd control. offers a visual gallery showing our exceptional assortment of colors, styles and options for belts, posts, ropes, connecting hardware and stanchion accessories for sale.

What types of crowd control barriers do we offer?

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The great thing about post-and-rope or retractable belt barrier systems is that they combine stability with portability. However, anyone who's ever had to had to re-position twenty or thirty sturdy metal stanchions knows the benefit of using dollies and carts to get the job done efficiently and quickly. Our time-saving stanchion accessories are designed to help make moving, storing and transporting crowd control barriers easier, no matter if it's a single post or a few dozen. From office buildings to off-site events, crowd control barriers and stanchions help direct customer lines, movement and traffic. Why not take some of the work out of setup and takedown, as well? Our years of expertise with crowd control and queuing systems helps us help our customers find the most economical and efficient accessories that meet their needs.

What separates one retractable belt barrier system from another?

In addition to our huge selection of stock models, our live inventory is home to customizable café barriers, portable poles with built-in wheels, and accessories for deploying the poles. Deciding on the right model should take information such as volume, frequency of use, traffic, and aesthetics into account. While some customers are in search of bulk quantities designed to outfit festivals, others are in the market for a simple line formation tool. No matter which style you ultimately choose, you can be sure that you are getting great value and fast shipping from StanchionsDirect.

#1 Best-Seller - Black Economy Post w/ Black Retractable Belt
Black Octagonal Post w/ Black Belt - Deluxe Line
Polished Stainless Steel w/ Blue Belt
Black Deluxe Post w/ Chrome Tulip Top - Belt Not Included
Economy Line - Brusehd Stainless Steel Post w/ Black Retractable Belt
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