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Retractable Stanchions Systems - Floor Posts & Fabric Belts Organize Waiting Patrons

retractable belt stanchions

How are retractable belt stanchions useful tools for premiers, galas and other important events? The systems organize waiting patrons into a line to prevent trampling or other accidents. Belts also separate the very important people in the queue from onlookers and the general populace. Party planners and security guards can even block off certain areas for the establishment with the black, gray, blue or red ropes. These professional retractable belt stanchions, frequently referred to as crowd control barriers, are universally recognized as systems for keeping unwanted parties from entering certain areas. Attractive finishes and styles make the posts an upscale means of separating the special guests from the hoi polloi. These retractable belt stanchions will complement classic or modern décor, expensive furniture or the overall spectacle of any party. Establishments use queue ropes to arrange the patrons in the best possible manner. Stands come in a variety of styles and configurations to fit most budgetary needs. Brushed or wrinkle black, aluminum and steel finishes match most settings while drawing attention. These metal fixtures are not just for upscale venues. Many banks, service organizations and other heavily trafficked buildings use clearly delineated lines to shepherd those waiting into one or more organized queues. Mangers can add signage or other accessories to the bases to provide a more detailed message to clients and guests. Manage guests in a matter of moments with easy-to-set up fabric line and metal post systems!

How do users set up these crowd control barriers in their establishment?

  • Floor standing retractable belt stanchions are comprised of three separate parts for assembly. All of the models come with a weighted base, a metal pole and a retracting belt. No tools are required when putting the units together.
  • When assembling the line barriers, users should first place the weighted bases on the floor in a pattern that is appropriate for the queue. The non-marking base is appropriate for use on any level flooring. Simply set the support in the desired placement on the floor to being assembly.
  • Once the bases are in position, the posts can be installed. Users can simply twist the poles into the platform. Each base includes a bolt that will quickly create a balanced metal structure.
  • After the fixtures are completely setup, users are able to attach the lines. Ropes are made of a flexible fabric. Store managers attach the plastic ends to the fabric and insert them into the receivers on the poles. There is a locking mechanism to ensure the ropes remain in place. Users can easily reposition the belt stanchions when it is necessary to redesign the line.

What options do customers have when purchasing affordable crowd control barriers?

  • There are a variety of choices when it comes to the material and finish of the fabric belt stanchions. The fixtures are available in aluminum and steel for different grades of durability. These systems come with brushed aluminum, steel or black finishes to best correspond with the décor.
  • Belts are available in various colors to suit the atmosphere. Customers can choose from black, red, blue, green or gray, striped fabric options and more. Managers should evaluate the establishment before settling on any particular color.
  • Accessories for graphics and slogans may also be purchased to top the queue poles. These accessories can present important messages and information to patrons waiting in line. Black frames can quickly be inserted on top to hold 7" x 11" signage. The slide-in design comes with a sturdy backer for durability. A PVC lens is included to protect the message from dust and other damage.

Also, we offer removable stanchions for sale that are suitable for both special occasions and everyday business. Store managers do not need to host a VIP event to incorporate the black or chrome finish line ropes into the venue. Restaurants can demarcate areas that are off limits with the posts and lines. Locations that receive a great deal of foot traffic are able to organize the clientele in an orderly fashion. Government buildings, such as the department of motor vehicles, are able to ensure that customers are seen on a first come, first serve basis. Airline kiosks can arrange passengers in an appropriate manner for boarding with easily portable foot traffic controls. Banks and other financial institutions are able to separate clientele with checking questions from those looking for loan information. No matter the business, users can keep customers in line with these rope barriers.

Despite the attractive and heavy duty design of these stands, our stanchions for sale are priced economically to fit into tight budgets. All of the crowd control barriers are shipped knocked down to save on shipping costs. The low price points allow managers to purchase as many units are necessary for creating the queue. Although prices are low, these models are high quality. Companies will save even more money because they will not have to replace the controls any time soon.