Stanchion : QueuePole.Deluxe Accessories

stanchion sign
Polished Stainless Steel
11"w x 7"h Landscape
stanchion sign
Black Powder-Coated Steel
7"w x 11"h Portrait
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These QueuePole.Deluxe stanchion accessories are a admirable addition to your current crowd control stanchion setup. The stanchion toppers are engineered to screw right into your current QueuePole.Deluxe stanchion posts. The stanchion sign frames are optimal for banks, museums, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and more! The stanchion toppers can be used anyplace that stanchion posts are used! Each sign frame can hold uncomplicated messages, like 'Please Enter Here' or 'Must Be 21+ To Enter'. These stanchion frames bring your crowd control aids to the next level!

Each stanchion accessory highlights a double-sided sign display. A durable, inflated PVC backer is used to keep your signs standing upright. This PVC backer can also be brought to your local sign shop to have custom vinyl lettering applied. This is a admirable plus for companies looking to consistently display the same message atop their stanchion posts. A custom message electronically printed on the PVC backer can regularly be covered via a sign if essential. These stanchion accessories are double-sided to inflate the scope of your message. Two protective, non-glare lenses are also included with the stanchion signs. The stanchion signs hold 7" x 11" signs that can be electronically printed right off any printer! No need to bring your stanchion signs to a custom sign shop to have expensive signs made.

Here at we specialize in stanchion posts and accessories to meet the needs of all our customers. Adding the right stanchion accessories to your current stanchion line is a admirable way to further your crowd control techniques. Be sure to check out the compatible stanchion posts to these stanchion signs, the QueuePole.Deluxe series.