Brass Stanchions with Red Velvet Rope - Classic Crowd Control Solution

Stanchions Sets with Classic Polished Brass and Red Velvet or Twisted Rope

Looking for an affordable crowd control system with an upscale appearance? These brass posts with red rope are an iconic choice for forming barriers and creating lines in a number of environments. These stanchions can be used to manage queues in bars, clubs and restaurants because they can direct customers or show them where to wait for service. In banks, these velvet rope stanchions are often used for forming lines in front of the tellers' counter or for sectioning off certain areas. Hotels, casinos and event venues often make use of these crowd control posts for creating an attractive presentation, as they give any interior a classy edge.

Brass stanchions are often associated with red ropes for completing the refined look. These connecters come in two styles: smooth velvet or twisting nylon. Each barrier measures 78" long and comes with steel (2) hooks that attach to the top of posts or adapters placed on walls. Posts with red rope are meant to stand 6' apart with the cable set at 24" from the ground. This creates the classic curve design that features a casual, yet elegant presentation.

What are these velvet rope stanchions made of? Each post has a strong stainless steel fabrication that allows them to survive high traffic areas. This means that they can survive being bumped into in lobbies, hallways and other locations where there may be moving crowds. While they feature an attractive brass finish, their stainless steel construction is much stronger and harder to bend than brass. These red rope stanchion sets are all part of the QueuePole Series, a line of fixtures that are designed to be both sturdy and affordable. At the top of each post is a 4-way adapter that allows them to connect to other stands and create a number of crowd control layouts. Their base is weighted for additional stability and rubberized to prevent them from causing damage to flooring.

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