Rope Posts Accept Velvet and Braided Clip-On Lines

Rope Posts for Crowd Control Feature Deluxe Metallic Finishes

rope posts

When only the best will do for the red carpet or movie theaters, customers choose the proven, classic styles. These rope posts are designed to accept velvet or braided ropes that clip on to the top ring. While we sell a fair amount of stanchions, all colors and styles share common features. The rope posts come with four slots that give the user an easy means of customizing their crowd control system. The roping, which is available in smooth velvet or twisted braid (sold separately), features cupped ends with spring-loaded clasps for effortless opening and closing.

Rope posts for the red carpet are available in three metallic finishes: satin black, polished chrome, and the perennial favorite, polished gold. The cap details come in flat top, tulip, and deluxe ball top models. The weighted bases have non-marking rubber protection for hardwood floors. High-end Tensabarrier models are the most expensive type of rope barriers, but our proprietary line of QueuePole posts cuts your cost considerably without sacrificing quality. The line is designed by us here in the U.S. and manufactured abroad. Our factory then sends the finished product back to our warehouse so we can offer same day shipping. All crowd control stanchions are shipped flat with simple assembly required.

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