Clear Stanchions | Hollow Tube for Graphics and Small Items

Stanchions with a Clear Fillable Post and Weighted Base

These clear stanchions grab the attention of any one waiting in line. Each post features a hollow tube that can be filled with a number of objects such as candy, toys, keychains, streamers or anything that is visually grabbing! Alternatively, users can buy clear stanchions with a custom graphic lining for conveniently promoting their business.

More Details

While they feature a hollow tube design, each stand has a heavy concrete base for extra stability in high traffic environments. This type of clear stanchion is great for banks, offices, retail stores and can even be brought to trade shows to attract passersby to a company's booth. The posts include a retractable belt in black, blue, gray or red, and each one features a 4-way adapter for connecting to other units. Also shown here are add-ons for stanchions like the dump bin for small items and the literature holder for dispensing brochures. Clear stanchions can attract customers with their see-through design while holding merchandise or promotional information with these accessories.

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