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Stanchions with Rope or Cord Barriers

There's something iconic about a velvet rope barrier that captures the imagination as well as the eye. Whether setting aside a VIP section, protecting artwork, blocking the entry to a theater section or simply directing patrons in a lobby, rope-based stanchion dividers give any environment a certain style. Our post-and-rope combo kits make it easy to select the pole style and finish and stanchion rope or cord color that will perfectly complement any decor. A full selection of sign frames, wall mounts and other rope-based stanchion accessories can create elegant, stylish crowd barrier systems that any business or organization will be proud to present to customers.

Stanchion Kits with Retractable Belts

"To queue or not to queue?" isn't even a question for many businesses. Busy operations with high traffic need easy-to-implement ways of directing customer flow, and belt-based crowd control barriers fit the bill to a tee. Our single or double belt stanchion sets are perfect for creating line paths or delineating sections as needed. Easily customizable by choosing from our huge variety of nylon belt colors and sizes, this type of barrier system is able to accommodate ever changing traffic patterns as needed. By adding modular barrier accessories such as framed signage or wall mounts, crowd control barriers can be adapted to any requirements. In addition to the ever-popular Tensabarrier® brand fixtures we carry a full selection of economy and deluxe QueuePole brand stanchions.

Cafe Barrier Systems

Fabric banners make great dividers, and our cloth barricades are available with either solid color cafe banners or with custom-imprinted graphics in a variety of color options from simple 1-color logos and text to full-color digitally printed displays. Restaurants, special events, teams and organizations alike all find that this type of crowd control barrier solution combines privacy, branding and advertising in one great looking, economical system. Our solid or imprinted sets are available with anywhere from (5) to (16) posts in order to allow any business to create exactly the size and shape configuration necessary.

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Retractable Belts & Ropes

The beauty and efficiency of any post-based crowd control barrier system is its flexibility to be used in a variety of locations. The choice of whether to select rope or retractable belt dividers can depend on many different factors. Our wide selection of rope and belt styles offer different lengths as well as color options. In addition to post-and-divider sets, replacement ropes and belt cartridges are also available in all sizes for quick coordination with different event d├ęcor or to updated worn out accessories for a fresh look.

Signs Frames & Signs

Because stanchion-based divider systems offer such high visibility, they are great locations for wayfinding or advertising signage. Post topper sign frames simply insert into top of the stanchion. Framing finishes are available that will either match pole finishes or offer high-contrast coloring for increased visibility. Stock messaging signs for stanchions are available with a variety of popular options applicable to a wide variety of industries. In addition, we offer a custom-printed message sign option, and all frames will easily accommodate self-printed full color graphic inserts.

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Our Best Sellers section is a great place to see the stanchion models businesses and organizations choose most often. These proven popular stanchion barrier sets and accessories can be a great starting point for choosing a crowd barrier system that will complement any particular business, industry or environment.

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We regularly offer special pricing on different models. From New Product incentives to inventory-reducing Overstock Sales to bargain basement Final Clearance models, Special Sale items are a great place to find the lowest pricing on stanchions and accessories.

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